Jul 23, 2012

Baby Food

Our most recent garden harvest
With a bounty of organic zucchini, yellow squash and green beans from the garden, I went ahead and started making some homemade baby food to freeze for winter when the little forest ranger is old enough to eat it. Using fresh produce from our garden will save us money and trips to Whole Foods, and I feel good knowing exactly what's in it. Using a fancy baby food book, I put our garden to good use.

On the current menu:
Zucchini puree
Yellow squash puree
Green beans with fresh mint puree

I’m lucky enough to have a Baby Brezza from Williams Sonoma that was a baby gift from my mother. This handy little appliance makes baby food making a breeze - I just throw in the produce, select the fruit/veggie type from the menu, and hit start. It automatically steams and purees everything to the perfect consistency. It’s awesome because it’s easy to do even with a demanding newborn. I then freeze the baby food with the silicone freezer trays (and the silicone makes it super easy to pop each portion out after).

So now we have a great start as we stock up on baby food reserves in the deep freeze downstairs. I would also like to make a trip to the farmer’s market to pick up some fresh peaches and plums to make some fruit purees next. It’s actually kind of fun when it’s so simple.

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