Jul 18, 2012

Summer Backyard

We’ve been enjoying our backyard this summer, even with a new baby. The deck and patio are lovely spaces to relax together in the evenings when we get shade.

The perennial gardens along the fences have been too pretty not to share. In June we had tons of strawberries in our expansive strawberry patch (nothing died in the mild winter, so we have plants everywhere!). The rose bush is beautiful with tons of magenta blooms. The gladiolas, hostas, and lilies are blooming now. The anemone and hydrangea are also about to bloom. Everything else is growing happily and steadily.

The new fig tree is doing well. In fact we surprisingly have two figs growing on it! It will take a few years before we have a real harvest, but we’re looking forward to it.

Our crepe myrtle tree (the one we thought died) is doing better than ever. It’s full of beautiful pink blooms and almost as tall as our deck.

The raspberry/blackberry/sweet pea patch in our yard got a little out of control and turned into a bramble I’ll have to clean up. We had raspberries at the end of June and we’re now waiting for the blackberries to ripen.

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