Sep 25, 2012

Fun with Paint Swatches

A house across the street from us was for sale. We never considered moving (I repeat we are NOT moving), but I did start to wonder what it would be like if we never found our house and moved there instead (in the little beige house anyone?). I wanted to visit and take pictures, but the house sold so quickly we never had a chance. The layout inside is a mirror image of ours, with a few differences. The front door is off to the side of the living room next to the staircase and the two living room windows are together. There’s no downstairs bathroom and no backyard access (to a super tiny backyard). Upstairs the master bedroom is smaller and the nursery is bigger.

So what would it be like to live there instead? What changes would we make? What colors would we paint the rooms? The light is different in this house and it has a different character and feel. So just for fun I decided to come up with a whole new paint color palette, similar to what I did for our house:
I would paint the living room Great Barrington Green - it’s a beautiful green that falls somewhere between leaf and olive that's very soothing. The dining room would be Newburyport Blue, a navy with undertones of teal. The kitchen would be Rockport Gray with white cabinets, my favorite gray that looks good in any room. The sunroom would be saybrook sage. Upstairs I would paint the long back bedroom palladian blue (my favorite blue), the master bedroom saybrook sage, the small bedroom and bathroom stonington gray.

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