Sep 27, 2012

Fun with Wallpaper

As a continuation of Tuesday’s fun with paint swatches, I thought it would be fun to pick out some wallpaper for my imaginary second house. Obviously I love wallpaper (we have 3 patterns in 4 rooms here) so my secondary house would also have it for accent walls. As a refresher, here are the paint swatches I chose:

In this house I would put up an accent wall of wallpaper in the office upstairs, the long bedroom on the back of the house. And since we're fantasizing the room would be more of an art studio than an office. The Palladian blue I chose for this room blends beautifully with swatches of the Vanuatu Twilight wallpaper from Anthropologie. This paper pattern would really work in any room of my pretend house, it looks beautiful with every paint swatch from above.

For the living room I would compliment the olive walls (Great Barrington Green) with the Blazing Poppies wallpaper from Anthropologie. It is so bright, colorful and fun; it would really liven up the space. The wallpaper has so many colors in it, one could accessorize this room a ton of different ways. It also pulls in colors from the other rooms in the shadows and highlights.

I would put the living room wallpaper under the stairs like I did in our current living room, as well as on the main wall. However, instead of doing one giant square frame I would divide the frame into two parts, creating two vertical rectangles inspired by this picture in the Anthropologie catalog:

Depending on the furniture in the dining room, I might also repeat the pattern in there as well on a smaller scale. Without the tall hutches I have currently, there's plenty of wall space.

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  1. I love your new paint swatches! I have your original house colors on a pintrest board, I'm adding these too! --skylar