Oct 9, 2012

Far Hills Rummage Sale: Finds

This year’s trip to the Far Hills Rummage Sale was very baby-centric. Toys, clothes, furniture, children’s books, etc. My top priority was a children’s picnic table for the patio for next summer. Something the baby and cousins and little friends could gather round for snacks, etc. The one I found is in great condition. The top is a little faded, but that could easily be remedied with spray paint.

I also got a set of 4 little plastic kiddie chairs.

A pop up playhouse with tunnel.

A stack of children’s books for $1 each.

A pile of clothes and a big bag of toys.

I also got a couple of small things for myself - two Christmas ornaments and a $2 winter pinecone wreath for the front door.

In keeping with the seasonal theme, I also found an advent calendar for when the baby gets older. It’s pretty, wooden, and will hold 25 days of whatever treats we can fit inside. I’ve always wanted a cool advent calendar for my (future and now present) kids that would allow for some creativity... and now for $5 we have it.

Last but not least is another plastic jack-o-lantern for our front porch, this one slightly smaller and rounder than our previous rummage sale pumpkin. They will make a fun pair for Halloween (and are squirrel proof!).

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