Oct 17, 2012

It’s the Little Things

Autumn is in full swing. So how does a new mom spend those 6 blessed hours of nap time over the weekend? Making apple sauce for the baby to go in the freezer of course.

Apples have to be the most labor intensive baby food I’ve made so far. Who would have thought? I don’t have one of those fancy apple peelers, so it took awhile to do with a basic hand peeler. And of course it had to be done in small batches since apples brown so quickly. Apples cook down so much too - it took 6 apples to make 7 servings of baby food. It took a whole bag of apples to fill the three freezer containers - I went through an entire peck in two sessions! At least the results were delicious.

The chilly fall air has arrived in earnest. Now that we have the heat on, the air is much drier in the house - something my little one’s nose does not appreciate. So a penguin humidifier (a wonderful shower gift) is visiting the woodland nursery for the winter. It’s not forest themed, but I registered for it anyways because I’ve always been partial to penguins and this one is ridiculously cute. The steam comes out of his mouth!

And here’s a peek into our upcoming Halloween fun - a monogrammed treat basket hangs on his closet door. While this wonderful gift (from his adoring Aunt) might not see much candy this year, it’s going to make for a fabulous photo op and will be enjoyed for years to come.

I accidentally neglected to photograph the toys I picked up last weekend for a song, but I did manage to snap a quick pic of the updated toy shelf in his room. One of the things I bought was a miscellaneous bag of animal figurines that included a mother bear, a baby bear, a moose, and a couple of random goats. It’s amazing to me how quickly these shelves fill up. Maybe we should have built more...!

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