Oct 15, 2012

Paper Nightstand Trays

Months ago, long before the baby was born, I made pretty paper trays with a friend one afternoon while feeling crafty. I had seen them on Everything LEB, you can find the directions here. They are really easy to make and come out beautiful. Basically all you need is paper, paint, modge podge, and a plastic takeout container wrapped in saran wrap. I made 2 little trays as well using small dishes. Inspired by their chosen colors, I covered the outside of mine in aqua paint and did the interior with gold gilt (instead of gold paint, for a more antiqued look). I sealed the whole thing outside with clear spray paint to prevent the gilt from being scratched off.

One of the tiny ones holds jewelry on my dresser. I use the large one on my nightstand to corral hand cream, lip balm, jewelry, etc. The other tiny dish is in it to hold hair pins and ties. Honestly the tray so much prettier than anything else on my nightstand it makes me want to finally upgrade the rest of what’s on there (I've never spent time/money on my nightstand, it's a neglected space). Time for a new alarm clock perhaps? A tissue box cover? Pretty coasters? A decorative vase?


  1. This is so pretty! I want to make one too. Is gilt hard to do?

    1. I didn't find it to be hard, but gold paint would definitely be easier. You brush on the gilt "glue" and then carefully place thin sheets of gilt "paper" over it and they stick. If you miss a spot you can go over it again with more glue and paper. It's just time consuming and a little messy, but I love the antiqued results.

  2. I've just stumbled upon your blog(got totally sucked in..;)especially love these beautiful trays..the blue and gold is a wonderful color combination..
    Well done!