Dec 5, 2012

Baby's First Christmas 3 Ways - Ornament 2

The second ornament I put together was the easiest and most traditional - the typical store bought picture frame with a picture inside. But why not? Of course I want to see a picture of his sweet smiling little baby face every year when we decorate the tree.

I cut out a Christmas-themed photo of him in a circle with a circle cutter since I chose a circular ornament shape. To make it a little bit more special, I used one of those glittery marker pens to add a little sparkle. It doesn't photograph well, but in really life it looks pretty.

While this isn't very exciting or crafty, I do like the way this will look on the tree and I know I'll love to look at it for years to come. Also you can't have too many baby's first Christmas ornaments!!

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