Dec 7, 2012

Baby's First Christmas 3 Ways - Ornament 3

The third ornament is more unusual, I put baby's face on a ceramic craft store ornament.

The ornament is a plain white craft store ornament (from Michael's), painted aqua with craft paint.

How did I get a likeness of the little forest ranger's face on there? It's actually very simple and easy to do. First I printed out a picture of baby on a white background with high contrast. For anyone without photoshop, you can also print out a picture of your subject, then cut them out with scissors and stick that on a white piece of paper. Then I used a black and white photocopy machine to make a few copies (you only need 1 but I wanted a couple extra for practice).

Chartpak clear blender markers dissolve and transfer black and white photocopy ink. It has to be the Chartpak brand and it has to be a true black and white photocopy from a black and white photocopy machine (it can't be a black and white copy on a color machine). All you have to do is position the photocopy where you want the image to go, face down, and soak the image from behind with the marker and rub a little. That's it. It smells terrible, but it works really well.

I forgot to take pictures of this part of the ornament creation, I blame mushy mommy brain (somebody is teething and unhappy in the middle of the night!), so instead I'm using an old gift box as an example that I had laying around. And honestly I think this would be a cool way to customize and decorate gift boxes for the holidays as well. Just keep in mind that if you're adding text, it's a mirror image so make sure to print the text backwards.

(The box is from Happy Owl Glassworks and contained baby's nightlight)
Once I had a similar image on the ornament, I wanted to add a little bit more holiday sparkle. So I used a silver sharpie marker to fill in some of the darker shading spots, touched up a couple of areas, and added the baby's first Christmas text. I liked the effect of the shiny silver so I kept adding more and more.  Once everything was dry I took the ornament outside and gave it a quick coat of clear spray paint for extra durability over time.

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  1. How cool with the transfer!! I learned something new, thanks!and how exciting that its baby's first Christmas!! xo