Feb 5, 2013

Living Room Ottoman

While I love our living room Crate & Barrel coffee table (beautiful color, inset top, storage shelf), its sharp corners and hard edges made it a toddling baby hazard. I read too many coffee table related head injury stories and was ready send it down to the basement for the next couple of years. Sticky babies/markers/juice/etc. don’t mix well with pretty wood furniture anyways, so it will help extend the life of the coffee table later.

For Christmas we got the perfect replacement - a rectangular storage ottoman. It has soft edges for baby safety and looks great. We have a dark brown leather-wrapped tray that instantly turns it into a coffee table for drinks, remotes and magazines. Inside it holds a ton - plenty of space to hide all those baby toys when company comes over. We really like being able to put our feet up too!

Oliver isn’t walking yet, but he does like to stand by himself holding onto the edges of furniture. I feel much better letting him practice with the soft edges of the ottoman. We've had enough close calls and tears without sharp corners and edges present!


  1. The ottoman looks great, but I'm eyeing your framed wallpaper piece there on the wall!!( am I right?) so cool:)

    1. Thanks! We put it up a couple of years ago when we first moved in. It's Cranesbill Castle from Anthroplogie: