Mar 28, 2013

Baby’s First Easter Basket

It’s our first time playing Easter Bunny and we couldn’t be more excited. I went to Target to pick up basket supplies and was really pleased with their selection of non-candy items that are baby friendly. While I was there I even found cute stuff for Georgia, so I decided to make her a little basket as well (I have to be fair to both my little bunnies!).

My favorite part of Oliver’s Easter basket is the basket itself - it’s made of soft felt and the fox will look perfect on his nursery bookshelves. I filled it with lime green grass. I found some cute little bath toys that are the perfect size for his little hands (and can transition to baby pool toys this summer) and a tiny stuffed bunny. The rabbit ears are really for me, so I can make wear them and take many bunny photos. Since every basket should have something edible, I opted for Annie’s cheddar bunnies - still junk food, but better than candy and still Easter themed.

For Georgia I used a dollar-spot metal pail as the basket and added a chew toy carrot, three rawhide sticks and a bag of quackers dog treats. I was especially excited to find duck dog crackers to match the cheddar bunnies - baby chicks and baby ducks are totally part of Easter animals (lambs would have also worked).

There’s also a bowl of plastic eggs for Easter egg hunting, though I don’t think Oliver will understand it this year. It will be something to look forward to next year!

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