Mar 27, 2013

Planning a Front Door Makeover

(picture of our front yard is from last spring)

One of these days, it will finally be warm enough outside to paint our front door - a project I've been eager to do all winter. From far away our front door looks fine, but up close it's a mess, all scratched and dinged. Plus I’m tired of the white; I want a something with a little more pop.

Choosing the right color was a challenge. It has to look good with the lemon ice yellow siding, the mahogany porch flooring, and the light gray steps. I also wanted to make sure to choose a color that would look good inside too incase we ever wanted to paint both sides of the door. After taking home a million Bejnamin Moore swatches from the paint store, I narrowed the options down to Hale Navy, Raccoon Fur, Deep Space and Gray.

In the end I decided I liked Gray 2121-10 best. It’s a balanced dark gray. It’s cool enough to look good with the cool toned lemon ice yellow siding and gray porch steps, but warm enough that it works with the warm Rockport Gray in the livingroom.

In addition to the paint, we’re also finally adding a door knocker! I’m really excited. I had a gift certificate to Pottery Barn, where I found this antique bronze beauty. I can’t wait to hang it up.

(Image is from Pottery Barn, ours doesn’t have a monogram)


  1. Gray, excellent choice!! My absolute favorite (surprise! ha;)
    Can't wait to see the finished product!

  2. Cute door knocker! Can't wait to see it done