Mar 6, 2013

Balance Part 2: Shelf? No Shelf?

Since putting up the frames up on our wall in the bedroom, I’ve been toying with the idea of adding a floating shelf above the pictures on the wall. We have one stored in the basement, it’s a dark brown color. This is a (poorly) photoshopped mockup of what it would look like:

I really like the idea of adding extra usable space (Pretty things! Books! Storage boxes!), but I’m worried that it would look too crowded and heavy. I think I tend to try to cram too much stuff into a space, which is especially problematic in a small home. On a scale from minimalist to hoarder, my natural tendencies would land me into the easily-cluttered spectrum. With endless funds I’d be much more likely to turn my house into the crowded housewares section of Anthropologie (where one wrong turn with my giant mom bag could destroy an entire table of pretty dishes wedged into a corner) than Design Within Reach.

I could also paint the shelf white, but I’m not sure if that would clash with future furniture. My long term plan for this wall includes new dressers, and I’m not sure if they will be stained or painted. We can always put it up for now and then move it or paint it later... but I’m still not sure. Here’s how it would look white:

I can’t decide if it’s a good idea or not. Mike wants me to be sure before I start putting big holes in the walls. So for now I’m shelving my shelf idea to think about it a little longer.

Thoughts? Opinions?


  1. I like the dark! If it was me, I would hang it up a little higher to leave a little breathing room in between the bottom of the shelf and the tops of the pic frames/Tv. I might also slide the dressers to my right a little(more centered under the shelf) I too live in a tiny (yellow!) house and I cram wayyy too much inside;) I've decided a lot is ok, as long as it works and is balanced.
    It's funny, when you shared the frames you had put up the other day, I did wish for something up above them...floating shelves can be a really low profile addition (As long as I don't load them up with too many items;)
    Go with the dark wood, the white makes the natural finish dresser look out of place in a mostly white environment. It all looks more cohesive with the dark shelf.
    You did say thoughts and opinions right? ;)
    Cant wait to see what you decide!!

  2. Dark is much better! It looks nicer with frames/mirror. You should definitely put up the shelf

  3. I stink at design, I love the white! lol GWS

  4. Just a thought - The dark looks good because you put white objects on it. The white would look good with dark objects on it - the way you styled the white shelf it's too much white.

    Go for the shelf either way!

  5. Thank you for your input! I'm feeling really motivated now to put up the shelf. Sarah is right - I need to center the dressers on the wall more, then put up the shelf centered (and a little higher). Of course centered on the wall means moving the pictures too... Hah!

    So when I have time I think I'm going to put the shelf up and live with it as is for a while and see if I like it brown. I can always paint it white later if it's too dark. Once I paint it there's no going back.