Mar 4, 2013


In the master bedroom, I was looking at our dresser wall the other day and noticed how unbalanced the display on the wall felt. Mirror-picture-picture-TV... nothing. The space really needed something on the right side between the little TV and the light switch. How did I not notice this before? Is it because I consider the furniture on this side temporary? It bothered me, so I hung up another picture.

I was happy with it for a few days. But the more I looked at it, the more I realized I wasn’t quite finished yet.

I added a second frame below to give it more height, which I think helps better balance the 8x10 frame on the other side. It’s also nice to have pictures of both our babies up on the wall. Who can resist those cute faces?

We are actually severely lacking in framed pictures of our son. I’ve taken (literally!) thousands of photos of him and this is the first one I’ve put up on the wall in a frame! I have several on my desk at work and we have a few on the fridge, but I’ve put off framing some for way too long. Part of the reason is that we’ve been really busy, but also I’m planning on doing a gallery wall up the stairs and am still collecting frames. Even Target frames add up fast and I want to have enough to make it look decent, so I’ve been slowly cobbling together a collection. I need a few more, especially oversized ones, before I can start. But it’s on the list for spring.

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