Mar 18, 2013

New Art

An extremely talented artist friend of mine, that I’ve known since my Parson’s days, made me the most wonderful gift anyone could ever ask for - a gorgeous portrait of my baby. This rendering is done completely in pencil, can you believe it? It’s beautiful.

The drawing is from one of my favorite photographs of him. I’ve been taking weekly photos since he was born and for a while I was using fun paper props (glasses and mustaches!).

She also made me this adorable watercolor of Georgia. Isn’t it fun?

They are currently being displayed on my picture ledges, but long term I think they might be part of the stairwell gallery wall.

My friend is also an incredibly talented fine jewelry designer. She has an Etsy shop (JW Fine Jewelry) filled with many drool-worthy pieces. You can sneak peeks at some of her other beautiful watercolors behind select jewelry pieces. If you are interested in any of her talents, you can contact her directly through her shop.


  1. These are beautiful! What a wonderful gift!
    I just peeked at your friend's jewelry shop on etsy, awesome stuff! She has a piece called Buffalo Lock Ring that is way way cool;)
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Love the jewelry and the art!