Mar 2, 2013

Signs of Spring?

It's finally March. I'm eager to get my spinach seeds in the ground (not quite yet) and watch the world come back to life. I'm ready for color and warm sunshine.  So while the baby was napping, Georgia and I went outside looking for signs of spring.

I was thrilled to find so many beautiful bright pops of purple in the brown grass. The crocus are up!

The previous owners planted a ton of crocus in the backyard. It was a delightful surprise our first spring when they came up. I look forward to them every year, they are the first sign that spring is finally coming.

Georgia was thrilled to find the first of the onion grass. She loves to eat it and spent the rest of the time searching for more like a pig sniffing out truffles.

Just when I got my hopes up that the crocus meant spring was really truly almost here, it started snowing a little. So we went back inside.


  1. I love your shoes!! What are they?

  2. Beautiful photos...such a fresh bluey-purple

  3. Very nice shots. Yah!!! Spring!!