Mar 11, 2013

Spinach Is In

Despite a snowstorm that dumped a few inches of snow on us Friday, we had a beautiful weekend. The air was cool but no longer frigid. The sun was warm and melted all the snow in a blink. The ground finally thawed out enough that my raised beds were no longer solid blocks of ice. Hooray!

I was finally able to tack down the black plastic (previously held down by pavers) and start my first outdoor planting of the year - spinach!

Spinach seeds love the cold. I planted 4 small strips / 2 rows of them in the same bed where I plan on doing lettuce, swiss chard, and peas in the early spring (and later will do beans, herbs and carrots). With multiple crops in rotation, I had to plan out where everything was going to go so it would all fit.


I’m glad to have the spinach seeds in the ground. It's not much to look at now (dirty plastic!), but I’ll be keeping an eye on it and we’ll see how it grows. Last year I planted my seeds, forgot about them, and came back to a lot of spinach a few weeks later. Here's hoping.

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