Apr 3, 2013

Rustic Garden Paths

After clearing out the pallets from the side of the garage (part of our Spring backyard to-do list), we moved onto the pile of leftover patio pavers. We moved most of them behind the garage, onto a concrete ledge between the wall and the garden fence. Back here they are accessible, but still out of the way and mostly out of sight. Once we made room for the old wheelbarrow in the garage, all of the junk on the side of the garage was officially cleared away (though now the landscaping needs trimming and lawn reseeding).

While I was looking at the stack of pavers next to the garden, I got the idea to use a few as “stepping stones” in the gravel paths between the raised beds. I love the look of romantic rustic cottage gardens, and I feel like these buried pavers in the gravel add a charming quality to the paths. It brings it one step closer to the rustic shabby chic garden of my dreams (where the fencing is all beautiful old wooden posts, the garage is covered in stone like an old stone barn and there are pergolas and arbors and trellises everywhere covered in climbing roses...).

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