Apr 1, 2013

Recycled Pallet Composter

Over the weekend we made a small dent in our (rather long) Spring backyard to-do list. We began clearing out the messy area next to the side of the garage, starting with the old wooden pallets (from our patio paver delivery 1.5 years ago).

We stood them up on their sides, screwed them together and created a 3-sided composter for our yard clippings and brush piles. Having an open side will allow us to easily stir the compost as needed. We carried the new container to the back corner of our lot where it’s out of the way and will blend in nicely when the irises come up. I like the rustic weathered gray look and the color disappears against the fences.

It was also very nice to finally have a big place to put all our dead brush from the gardens. I cleaned up the garden beds and Mike dumped all the clippings into their new home. Green points for composting on a bigger scale and bonus green points for creating a composter out of existing materials. (Updated: In order to successfully compost all our brown yard clippings, we have to mix in some green grass clippings when the weather warms up and the lawn starts to grow again. Until then it's just a pile of leaves in a box.)

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