May 16, 2013

Updated Front Yard Picture

I kept putting it off, but now that the rail flower pots are planted (in a gradient!) and the azealas are starting to bloom, I finally went outside and took an updated picture of the front of our house. The view still isn't ideal, but I decided share anyways. (It would be nicer if the fringe tree leaves were fully out, the dead grass was back, if the astilbe were blooming and if my neighbor was done with their construction project so the blue tarp was gone...)

I'm really pleased with our front porch updates. Hello much more welcoming house!  I love the nice new dark color on the front door, the fresh paint on the stairs and rails, the beautiful new light fixture. Of course looking at it also makes me want to do more... Like wouldn't the front door look even better with a full glass panel storm door? And adding a second light, like a sconce next to the door, would be very welcoming... When are we going to get to those shutters? Oooh and what about window boxes?! Haha it never ends!

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