Jun 27, 2013

Then & Now: Guestroom to Nursery

(This week and last week we're celebrating our 3 year blog anniversary with a long overdue, fully updated house tour)

The guest room was pink with mismatched trim and pink carpet that smelled like sour milk. The closet was filled with cracked and crumbling plaster and needed a light. Here’s the guest room before:

We painted the walls hollingsworth green (a lighter shade of salisbury green), replaced the mismatched trim with matching molding, added outlets, a ceiling fan and a radiator cover. We fixed the plaster in the closet, painted the interior and added a closet light. We pulled up the pink carpet and put down the same beige berber we have throughout the upstairs. Here’s the guest room after:

We never decorated the guest room because we planned to start a family and the room was designated to be the nursery. When I was pregnant with Oliver, we put a lot of love into this space. Mike built an entire wall of built-in bookshelves, floor to ceiling around the window and radiator cover. He also built pocket shelves and refinished the dresser and vintage rocking chair. We added a woodland wallpaper accent wall, crown molding, put up a gallery wall of woodland themed artwork, installed a roman shade and decorated extensively. It’s our favorite room in the house. Here’s the nursery  currently:

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  1. I found your blog via nursery inspiration searching on pinterest and I am so blown away! I adore his room, and am quickly becoming a huge fan of your blog! Thanks for sharing!!