Jun 18, 2013

Then & Now: Living Room

(For the next two weeks we're celebrating our 3 year blog anniversary with a long overdue, fully updated house tour)

The living room used to be very pink. Pink walls, pink carpet on the stairs, pink curtains. Here’s the before:

We’ve added rockport gray paint, a wallpaper feature with molding, new window treatments, a new light, radiator covers and some serious decorating. We also replaced the carpet on the stairs with a neutral berber and painted the stairwell walls edgecomb gray. Here’s the after:


  1. I forgot about the pink and the lace explosion! OMG, flashbacks! :) lol GWS

  2. Such a difference! Amazing how much lighter-brighter the room feels, even with dark furniture and a dark gray on the walls. Lookin forward to more room postings!