Jul 22, 2013

Pergola House Support

While the two concrete footings were setting and curing, we installed the ledger board against the house that would hold the joist brackets for the cross beams. We wanted it to be as high as possible, so it went directly under the windows. During the placement planning phase, we marked where this board would go and where the plumbing and electrical was in the wall so we could avoid it when installing the giant bolts that would keep the whole side up.

Marks for the plumbing inside and outside the wall that we had to avoid

We had to cut out a piece to make room for the pipe that sticks out of the house. Then it was just a matter of attaching it to the house with the right bolts to hold all the weight.

Mike then installed the joist brackets that would hold the 2x4 cross beams that would span from the house to the main supports. There are 11 brackets going across. These go into the board instead of the house, so we just had to avoid the exterior pipe when placing these. It was a slow process - lots of measuring, math and making sure everything was spaced evenly.

From here it was back to the concrete footings and securing the posts.

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