Jul 22, 2013

Summer Citrus Lane

This month's Citrus Lane box was much better than June's. It's a good box - I would title it "Welcome to Toddlerhood."

The best thing in the box is a Melissa and Doug wooden peg puzzle. This was actually something on my list that I wanted to get for Oliver anyways, so I'm pleased. Currently Oliver just removes the pieces and hides them around the house, but I'm glad to have it. The box also contained a Zo Li sumo stacking container for toddler sized snacks and meals. This will be helpful in the coming months as Oliver's appetite continues to increase. It's something I would never buy for myself (for such a high retail price I'd opt for Gladware!), but that's the fun of Citrus Lane. There was also a Cool it Buddy one-time-use ice pack for falls and bumps on the go - I think this is ingenious and a new essential for my diaper bag. With Oliver walking now, he falls A LOT. We have a lot of ice packs at home - but what about when we're out and about? I totally didn't think about it and I'm so glad they did.

To top it off there was a purple Ella's kitchen snack pouch for Ollie. And for me, a giftcard to postagram for 10 free postcards (worth $10) to show off my handsome toddler to family and friends. I actually really like the postagram gift card - what a cool idea!

This month's is a good solid box, I'm quite happy with all of the items in here. I think it makes a great "welcome to toddlerhood box" which is fun - honestly I wish this had arrived last month when Ollie turned 1 instead of June's disappointing summer box. I appreciate that they made sure there were 5 full sized items  (instead of 4 items that included a trial size). The value is also excellent - the best price match total for the items is $45, which is a great deal even if you pay full price for a subscription. I also appreciate the thoughtfulness and timeliness of this box - all of the items are perfectly age appropriate and either things I wanted or things I needed but didn't know about.

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