Jul 23, 2013

Pergola Posts Up

Once our footings had set, we were able to install the posts. This actually took longer than we expected, including two separate trips to the hardware store. First we had the wrong giant bolts to go into the concrete. Then we had the wrong sized concrete screws for the post brackets. Whoops! There was also quite a bit of measuring and checking to make sure the brackets went exactly where they needed to go. Finally Mike was able to attach the metal post brackets to the concrete with the proper massive bolts that go way deep down into the concrete footing, then a set of concrete screws to keep it all in place. Whew!

Next had to cut the 12 foot posts down to the proper height. We placed the post in the metal bracket and used a string and a line level to figure out how high the 2x4s would be from the joist brackets. Then we added on 2 inches for the 2x2s that will go above the 2x4s, plus another 6 inches for that decorative post look. I can't believe I didn't take a picture of this part, or one of the posts standing on their own. I think the heat melted my brain.

We cut them down and I stained the top. Using two levels to make sure the post was plumb on both verticals, I held the post up while Mike screwed it into the bracket below.  At least here you can see what the post looked like secured to the footing.

The post brackets keep the posts very secure to the ground, but the posts are very tall and heavy. Without any upper support, they could sway and were a potential hazard. We were eager to get the full outer “box” together next fully secure and balance the posts much more permanently.

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