Aug 28, 2013

A Linen Closet Update: Part 2

I left off on my linen closet update when I was waiting for paint to dry and batteries to charge. Finally both things happened in their own time and I was able to put new linen closet pieces in. Everything came together very quickly with this fancy nail gun. I didn’t have to worry about levels because I was resting the new shelf brackets directly on top of the old ones (why not?). All I had to do was hold it up and nail it in.

I put up the top brackets, then the ones for the bottom. Once the shelves were laid on top (including the new shelf for the lower back), I could finally reorganize everything. (And ignore how bad the floor looks - again it's a project for another day since the cart beats it up.)

Look how nicely the cart fits under the shelves now!

I put the less-used items (like travel kits) in the back and things we need (like the next tube of toothpaste) up front for easy access. I made a home for Ollie’s towels and washcloths and I love how the cart fits so neatly underneath.

It may have taken 3 years, but honestly now I don’t know how we ever lived without this!

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