Aug 29, 2013

Back to School (Sort of)

Labor Day weekend reminds me that it's Back to School time around here. It feels like a whole new year is starting, even though Oliver's been in daycare all Summer. Partially I think it's because Tuesday is the one year anniversary of my return to work and Oliver's start to daycare. It's also when some of his friends move on to preschool or kindergarten, and new friends will be joining his little group. Daycare might be year-round, but I think they loosely follow the same calendar as school aged kids, so it's a new year for them too. There are many changes in Oliver's life, so I wanted to celebrate these new beginnings with some fresh "school supplies."

Oliver's still too young for a backpack (we send him in with a diaper bag still), but I decided it was time to upgrade his boring lunch box. As a toddler he's much more involved in his own meals, so I thought it would be fun to get him something he would enjoy carrying around. This skip hop lunch box was too cute to resist. It was literally STARING at me in Whole Foods. Look at those frog legs and arms!

The zipper even has a lily pad attached to it. A LILY PAD!

The lunch box is also great because it can hold the big zoli sumo stacking container we got from Citrus Lane and some other new containers we got for toddler sized meals and snacks (not all at once, though Ollie does eat a lot!). Plus we can send him in with civilized plates and bowls he can't break in cool matching colors.

So we might not be ready for pencils (or even crayons) yet, but I'm still excited about getting Oliver some new back-to-school gear. Now I just have to get him measured for new sneakers and buy some pants that aren't capris for when the weather cools down.

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