Sep 30, 2013

In with the Autumn

I like to change certain pieces in my decor around seasonally, it helps keep the house feeling fresh. In years past, I usually put away my summer decor Labor Day weekend, or maybe the weekend after. This year, with vacation in the middle of September (and not wanting to even think the summer was over until the 22nd), I held off until now.

This weekend, we fully embraced and plunged into Fall around here. I’ve dusted off my crockpot. There’s pumpkin beer and apple cider in the fridge. I bought a big bag of apples. I let Oliver pick out a couple little pumpkins from the grocery store. And of course, it’s time to put away my lovely summer things and pull out my favorite things for fall.

Goodbye Summer…

...Hello Autumn.

(Sidenote: I did have to edit down some of my decor because I’ve had to give up placing anything pretty and potentially breakable within Oliver’s reach. And his reach is higher than ever…)

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