Oct 1, 2013

Top 10 Fall To-Do List

Happy October! The leaves are changing, there’s a crisp chill in the air. My decor is changed over and my pantry is stocked. I’m dusting off my favorite fall recipes and finding enticing new ones. I’m charged and ready to embrace the season. Here’s my fun Fall bucket list of all the things I’d really like to do:

  1. Decorate for Halloween
  2. Go to the NJ Fall Wine Festival
  3. Make pumpkin spice coffee
  4. Go apple picking
  5. Make apple sauce and an apple tart
  6. Go pumpkin picking
  7. Take a Fall Foliage walk/stroller friendly “hike”
  8. Carve a jack-o-lantern for Halloween
  9. Volunteer at Oliver’s Halloween party, take him trick-or-treating
  10. Make a pumpkin pie
Several of these are very Halloween-centric because we really haven’t had Halloween here, two years in a row! Last year here in NJ we were still suffering the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, and the year before that we had a bizarre October snowstorm that knocked out power and froze everyone for days. I’m hoping a third time’s a charm and Oliver can have a proper Halloween.

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