Sep 4, 2013

Woodland Animal Window Silhouettes

When I was making the woodland animal hooks for Oliver’s room, I actually tried plastic sheeting first. I had these thick, textured plastic sheets from a sample pack left by a printer. I thought they might make the perfect base for the hooks when painted.

Using the same drawing that I made for the cardboard, I traced the silhouettes onto the plastic (which was very easy since it’s semi-transparent) and cut them out with scissors. I actually did 3 - the bear, the squirrel, and a fox. Then I noticed something - they looked really cool in the light. Against a screen or a window, I loved the way they showed up as these translucent shadows - letting the light through but obscuring the view. So I decided that it would be a waste to ruin these cool silhouettes with paint and instead decided that they should be placed in Oliver’s bedroom window.

I’m really pleasantly surprised with how cool these came out - they just add a little something extra to the view! (And pardon the poor state of the windows - they are original to the house and caked with caulk, paint and almost 90 years of wear and tear.)

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