Sep 5, 2013

Half Bath Wall Art

When we originally refinished the half bath, it was a rush job thanks to Oliver’s impending arrival and an unstarted nursery. We covered the basics and made a huge difference in the room, but I never really took the time to style it. With the cooler weather fast-approaching, our focus on this room is renewed. As Mike undertakes another radiator cover project (to protect Oliver’s curious fingers from a very hot pipe!), I’m taking the time to bring the room a bit more polish.

Since this space is so tiny, I don’t want to overwhelm it with too much. But like any half bath, I think the space could benefit from a few finishing touches. So for starters, I added a piece of art next to the mirror. It’s actually been living in the office over my desk on a shelf, but the color/style/frame were perfect for this room, coordinating beautifully with the wallpaper.

The artist is my very talented personal friend who does pencil drawings, watercolors and amazing jewelry. She did two pieces up on my gallery wall. You can find her JWardWells Etsy shop here.

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