Nov 21, 2013

Wrapped Up Fig Tree

My little fig tree is all snug and ready for winter. Delicate trees like figs need extra protection. I wrapped the tree loosely in burlap and stuffed the whole thing with leaves for insulation. Our neighbors have a fully grown fig tree, they wrap it in pink fiberglass insulation and plastic.

Last year we wrapped the crepe myrtle tree too, but this year it’s too big. However at this size, this close to the house, should be enough to keep it alive this winter.

We’re finally feeling good about our winter-prep to-do list. We’re almost done. All that’s left is to spend a little time with our compost pile and put the outdoor furniture and toys away in the garage for winter when it’s a little colder (including the fencing on top of the pergola).

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  1. hello, would you like to trade some fig tree cuttings? I have several great varieties I can share with you and would love to know what type you have. please email me at if interested.