Jan 15, 2014

Basement Plans

As the basement reorganization continues, we also plan on rearranging things down here. Not only are we moving stuff out, we also want to move around the shelving and furniture down here to create a usable space. This drawing isn’t to scale, but it’s an approximation. This is how our basement is currently arranged:

The white rounded boxes at the top are the washer/sink/dryer/freezer. The gray shapes on the top and bottom are plumbing, utilities, the furnace, the hot water heater and sump. The red and brown rectangles are furniture, the beige rectangles are the shelves that hold boxes and tubs, the gray boxes are stacks of tubs. Basically even without the mess, the basement is over-full and entirely devoted to storage.

Now that we have an attic ready to store things, we’d like to rearrange it so there’s room for a living space down here. Down the line we'd love to partially finish the space with a little drywall, but that's a ways away. For now we'd just like some extra room to spread out when we need it.

The basement will be divided in half - when you come down the stairs, the front half of the basment will be the "living" area and we'll bring all the furniture over and arrange it to feel homier. I plan to use old curtains to divide up the space and hide the ugly utilities for now. The stairs to the crawl-space under the sunroom (which will be devoted to storage) will be stored in the crawl space and only pulled out when we need them. The back half of the basement will be devoted to laundry, storage, and tools.

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