Jan 14, 2014

Starting on the Basement

This is probably the most embarrassing post I've ever written.

Ohhhhhh the basement. The terrible disaster that is our basement. We made a mess, organized it, messed it up, reorganized it, and then destroyed it again over and over. We can’t seem to keep it organized. We’ve held onto too much stuff we haven’t touched in years. Add in all of Oliver’s outgrown baby stuff (that we want to save for another one down the road) - and it’s BEYOND embarrassing. You can't even walk in it. Now that the attic is ready to store stuff, we’re finally ready to reorganize. Some things will go up to the attic, some stuff will stay in the basement, things we haven’t touched in years will be given away, garbage will be thrown out.

I’m very embarrassed to show these pictures, but I think it’s necessary to share how bad things are. It’s the worst they've ever been, and it’s time for some public shaming so we not only whip this basement into shape, but also so that we don’t let this happen again.

OH. THE. HORROR. As someone who takes pride in their home, I'm thoroughly humiliated.

Organizing the basement is a lot of work and unfortunately the progress leaves very few photo-worthy moments. Piles of trash! Empty storage tubs! Stacks of empty boxes! Tubs organized on shelves! Stacks to go to the attic! Every box and tub will be opened and reviewed, but it's slooooow dull work. It's part of why we've ignored this problem for so long and let it get so bad. Why organize the basement when we could be doing more interesting stuff? The month of January always makes me want to hibernate though, so this is the perfect time to descend into our underground cave and get it done.

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