Jan 22, 2014

Basement Progress: Storage Crawl Space

This crawlspace only held a few things worth keeping. The rest of it was junk. Like old carpet rolls that somehow ended up in here with the extra beige carpeting roll we kept for patching. (Spare piece of carpet for patching, good. Old dusty pink carpet rolls? Bad!) Lots of old boxes for things we purchased, incase they broke under warranty (they didn’t). Old clothes we’ll never wear again that needed to be donated. Building supplies we were given for free that we couldn’t find a use for. Plant pots and seasonal toys that should be stacked in the garage (another organizational disaster). Things were just piled up, disorganized and ridiculous.



Now it’s cleared out except for things that will stay in here - sports equipment, musical instruments, tents and camping gear, building supplies and fixtures for the house (that are earmarked for a specific place and purpose and will hopefully be out of here soon), and the spare carpet (for patching emergencies). The rugs in the corner will be rolled out in the "living space" and the scary looking 1970s vacuum up front still works and we use it to vacuum the basement floor (but haven't in a while...). Now this space just needs to be organized for efficiency as we load stuff in and stack things up. We have 4 AC units that need to fit in here every winter, a few storage tubs, more sports equipment and instruments… we’ll see how much we can cram in while keeping things still accessible.

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  1. Yep. Stuff like this can be a real messy predicament, geography wise as well as logistically. It's really just tough to have all of these stuff in your basement, which from the looks of it, is stressing the very structure of the house. You can compartmentalize these, though. Better yet, you don't have to strain yourself with the confines of your living space. You can piece them out and move them, scatter and spread them to nearby storage facilities like lockers and warehouses on the ready. Gain a bit more latitude for yourself.

    Tamie @ General Store All