Jan 21, 2014

Basement Progress

I hope everyone had a nice long weekend for those lucky enough to get the holiday off. Oliver’s daycare was open so I had the day to myself at home. I spent my holiday in the basement.

Piles of (once clean and then dusty) laundry on top of the red media cabinet?
Washed and put away. Now it’s a landing pad for stuff to go to the office and garage. Progress!

The basement is walkable. It’s taken A LOT of work to get this far. Refer back to the before photos as necessary.

As many things as possible have been transferred to plastic tubs (since cardboard breaks down over time and can cause allergies). We’ve been getting rid of so much that we have empty storage tubs we can still fill, and I’ve made several new tubs for things that were previously floating around in bags and boxes. New tubs include: Holiday decorations (non-Christmas), Party decorations (for all those birthday parties in our future), Paper plates/napkins/cups/cutlery (again, birthday parties), and Crafting/kid-friendly supplies.

This is the pile of trash/recycling that’s going to the curb tonight. We keep holding off on the giant wooden speakers due to inclement weather - we’re hoping if we put them out someone might take them (you’d be amazed what people grab on trash day). This is our fourth giant stack this size!

It’s still really intimidating how much we still have to do, but it also feels good with how much progress we’ve made. What's left?

- Finish getting all the trash/recycling out
- Bring more stuff up to the attic
- Put stuff in the garage
- Organize electronics
- Organize all of our tools
- Organize all of our building materials, etc.
- Organize all of our paint
- Backup the hard drives of our old computers, recycle all old computers/parts
- Return borrowed items, give away stuff
- Send the rest off for donation
- Put stuff in the crawl space, well organized and accessible
- Rearrange basement

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