Jan 6, 2014

Happy {Slightly Belated} New Year!

Hello! I hope everyone had a lovely holiday season and a happy new year. I’m happy to be back here after a (much needed) break. We needed a chance to relax, celebrate, play, catch up with family and friends, and recharge our batteries a little bit.

I’m also recharged and ready to face January, my least favorite month of the year. I know a lot of people hate February the most, but January is my nemesis month. It’s just so cold and dark all the time. It’s hard to come down from the holiday high and can be a little depressing when the twinkle lights and festive decor get put away. I'll be spending the next 6 weeks vacuuming up pine needles and glitter. Vacation time is over and it’s back to work. Spring and Summer feel so far away. January is rough!

What’s a January hater to do? Take plenty of vitamin D and find the silver linings of course. I got this beautiful basket of bulbs for Christmas that’s just starting to bloom. It’s a basket of springtime. There’s nothing prettier than forced bulbs in winter. Then there’s winter citrus. Oranges, clementines and grapefruits are so good this time of year. I like playing in the snow with Oliver (even if I don’t like to shovel the driveway). I love cozy cups of hot tea and hearty winter soups.

I also love the abundance of seed catalogs that arrive in the mail. They remind me that winter is fleeting, spring will come... and in the meantime we can plan that dream garden where my yard is 5 acres instead of .25 and we have unlimited space and money and a full time gardener to do whatever work I don’t feel like doing.

(I do not endorse these particular seed catalogs - these are just the most recent/prettiest ones to show up this week in the mail)

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