Jan 7, 2014

We Have an Attic Floor!

We officially have a floor in our attic! The final step went surprisingly quickly, thanks to the nail gun making quick work of it. Mike laid all the tongue and groove plywood sheets down and once everything was in place, he nailed it down. It’s so nice to have a solid floor up here!

We are still planning on building a railing around the door and putting in some lighting, but we can also finally start storing stuff up here as we reorganize the basement.

The new insulation up here has really made a difference too. We’ve noticed a big difference upstairs in the temperature - sometimes it’s downright HOT when the heat turns on. We had to turn down the thermostat overnight because we were all waking up in the night sweating. The new insulation is working very well!


  1. Great job! That'll make things easier for you. My upstairs is so hot that I have to turn down the thermostat to the 50's at night, even during single-digit nights. I think it's all the windows & doors downstairs that makes it chilly.

  2. Yeah - at some point we REALLY need to replace all our windows. They are all original and very leaky, even with storms. We put up plastic over more than half of them every winter. It's not pretty but it helps!