Jan 13, 2014

Kids Seating Verdict

Ugly or not, we succummed to the temptation of a big toddler chair. I never thought we’d be those people, but then Oliver started dragging in his stepping stool or in his doll pram to sit in. I felt bad, the kid deserves his own chair. So for Christmas Santa brought him his very own big foam armchair from Land of Nod. Here it is after taking several weeks of serious toddler beat-downs:

He loves it. It makes him so happy. He sits in it constantly. It was totally worth it.

We chose Land of Nod over Pottery Barn Kids because of price - the gray cover at PB kids was $20 more at full price, plus $31 in shipping and handling fees, and $7 for personalization (even though we skipped monogramming, Land of Nod will do it for free). Land of Nod has flat $5 shipping and at the time they were running a 15% off chairs sale (you can get a 10% coupon anytime if you sign up for their mailing address).

I can honestly say that the Land of Nod one is just as nice. It is so easy to put together and the quality is fantastic. Oliver beats the heck out of his. He thinks it's a trampoline/jungle gym more than a chair. And the cover comes on and off really easily, which is very important with a toddler. I've had to take it apart several times already to wash it and it already needs it again - you can see some spectacular banana stains in the picture above. (I'm totally keeping it real here! My kid's chair is always dirty because I let him eat fruit in the living room! I didn't have time to wash and dry it before it got dark!) The cover is a bit wrinkled because I don't iron it. If you want a perfect looking chair like in the catalog, you have to iron it... but that's true of any couch cover.

The chair is not the most beautiful thing in the world, it screams KIDS LIVE HERE, but it’s not so bad. The neutral gray helps it disappear into the room. And it makes him so happy, who cares if it doesn’t fit into my idea of our “ideal” living room? Living with kids is all about compromise. And getting used to constantly stepping on cheerios. Why are there ALWAYS cheerios all over the floor?!

*This is not a sponsored post and I have not been compensated in any way. My opinion is completely my own. The Land of Nod has no idea I’ve written about their fabulous kid chairs.

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