Feb 26, 2014

Ikea’s Siren Song

One of the lights we purchased at Ikea back in November was damaged. It was cracked in the packaging and we didn’t notice until we got it home. We had 3 months to return it and we finally made it back. Of course waiting in their returns department was a nightmare. I arrived when it opened and still had to wait 45 minutes! They need an express return line for people who only have one item that takes 5 seconds so they don’t have to wait behind the guy who wants to exchange his entire dining set for a different color.

Of course Ikea sucks me in every time. You come for one thing and then you get caught up and suddenly once again you have a cart full of things you “needed.” Like a new front porch mat to replace the one that’s fraying and a new little garden shovel. A picture frame and a new spray bottle. Paper napkins in bright colors. More paper and chalk for Ollie’s art easel. Two lanterns for the patio that I’ve been admiring since last summer. And then who can resist their awesome deal on tealights?

Ikea gets me every time!

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