Feb 4, 2014

Oliver’s Valentines Day Gift

Last year I made Oliver a little felt heart with his initial that he still plays with. This year it’s silicone squeeze pop molds for an endless supply of homemade frozen treats. Oliver loves popsicles, even in wintertime, but he doesn’t like how they drip and melt and can be hard to eat. Even my toddler sized ice pop molds are tricky because they fall off the stick so easily. So messy!

These silicone ones will keep his fingers cleaner, they don’t drip as much and are the perfect size for his hands. And I can fill them with healthy ingredients or make fun special flavors. These are filled with a blend of organic frozen blueberries, strawberries, fresh pineapple, plain greek yogurt and a little pear nectar for sweetness. Hopefully he’ll be willing to share one once in a while!


  1. Those are neat! Where are they from? Gillian

    1. I got these on amazon: