Mar 19, 2014

2014 Garden Plan

Now that I have the garden’s tomato seeds started, I thought I would share the garden plan for this spring (can you tell I have warm weather on my mind?).

Since we follow a plan that includes annual crop rotation, each bed moves over one spot.

In the first bed will be flowers. I only have a couple of dahlia bulbs left that have survived multiple years (unfortunately), the rest will be snapdragons and zinnias. In the second bed will be snap peas and green beans on a tower, lettuce, herbs, carrots and chard. The third bed will be all the tomatoes I started yesterday and the fourth bed will be cucumbers on a trellis, musk melons on a trellis, and in the middle will be watermelon. I'm skipping zucchini and squash this year to break the squash vine borer cycle. I tried watermelon before and it didn't work out, but it would be fun to try again.

In our pots on the patio we're going to do poblano peppers, jalepeno peppers and bell peppers. The citrus trees will also be outside.

Peppers, basil, and rosemary will be purchased from the nursery. If the oregano and thyme don’t come back after this brutal winter to transplant, I’ll buy those too. Everything else will be sown directly from seed.

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