Mar 18, 2014

Garden Seeds Planted

Over the weekend I planted my tomato seeds. I have to be careful that we don't have a repeat of last year (where my curious baby destroyed the whole tray!). This year Oliver is much taller, more mobile and every bit as mischievous so these seed pots might not make it. But I’m hopeful!

I planted several different types of tomatoes including yellow pear, sweet 100s cherry, chadwick cherry, pink poderosa, big boy, zapotec, bloody butcher, Arkansas traveler, Italian paste, brandywine and purple cherokee. This year I'm not sowing cucumbers or peppers indoors. I've had just as much luck direct sowing the cucumber seeds in the garden beds and my pepper seedlings grow so slowly I've had better luck with plants from the nursery.

When the seeds sprout I'll put them under my grow light. For now they are staying warm on top of a radiator cover, which works great as a warming pad.

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  1. Where do you buy your seeds from?

    1. I've tried seeds from many sources with equal success. I think it's hard to go wrong buying seeds! If you're just starting out, and are great places to start. I also like baker's creek heirloom seeds (,, and most recently discovered