Mar 4, 2014

Basement Hazards to Address

What’s left in the basement? We need to get rid of the oversized trash when the snow melts. I have one more box of stuff to get to its new owner. And then we have to give some very serious thought to how to block the utilities and other safety hazards from our curious toddler. In its unfinished state we would never allow him down here unsupervised, but toddlers flock to danger like a moth to a flame.

The hazards include:
The gas pipe coming out of the wall
The sump pump (the cover on there is near-impossible for an adult to take off, but we still don’t want him to play around there or mess with it)
The water meter/pipe in the floor
The paint cans under the stairs and the "broom closet" area under the stairs
The back half of the basement with the furnace
The hot radiator pipe by the crawl space


  1. I have plans for sliding barn doors. Would that work??

    1. It sounds like it would be gorgeous - though I wonder if I could get something that would work with such low ceilings?

  2. Yup - they'd absolutely work! We'd just have to modify them for your low ceilings. :)