Mar 3, 2014

Basement Progress

We’re getting closer to the basement finish line, which is a very good thing since I’m getting terrible cabin fever these days. The second the weather changes, a dark basement is the last place I’ll want to be. Though the way things are going, it will be July before the snow melts.

The paint shelf next to the stairs was removed by Mike's brute strength and a pry bar, with all those 5 inch nails it wasn’t an easy task. I was glad to see it gone. We were barely able to cram the bookcase in the space - the floor is actually higher over here and we never realized.

The paint were organized by type - indoor wall colors, indoor whites, and exterior. Everything was then nicely organized behind the bookcase under the stairs. The spray paint and other small items are high on the bookcase for now, far out of reach until we decide on a more permanent solution

I was able to finally load up the bookcase as well.

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