Apr 9, 2014

Basement Trash Gone

With April showers came… oversized trash pickup. We were finally able to unload the last of the junk from the basement and put it on the curb. Hooray!

Now you can see the main water valve and what we have to work around. It’s really old and fragile. There are radio wires and gauges attached to it. There's a handle and spout that could be a huge toddler temptation. I don’t want it to hurt Oliver and I don’t want Oliver to hurt it. Or flood the basement. Since it’s mostly on the floor, we thought that maybe the best solution is to cover it with a removable sort-of-built-in bench. Something that would protect it, hide it, but still leave it accessible. Maybe box in the vertical pipe if we need to (though it's not hot). We could also just block it with something heavy that we could move, but this spot is right at the bottom of our basement stairs and that could mess with the flow.

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