Apr 10, 2014

April Showers Bring Spring Cleaning

With the warm(ish) weather comes the urge to go outside and garden, and the urge to clean the house top to bottom. We started the early garden. We pulled out the patio furniture, the rolls of bamboo for the top of the pergola, and strung up the globe lights.

The house had a good scrubbing and I got some much needed organizing done. Like I managed to pare down 5 years of paperwork that filled a huge box to fit in 5 binders. Down in the basement during the reorganization I made room for several tubs for all my crafting and art supplies - I finally cleared my desk area to be a usable work space again.

I reorganized my cosmetics in the linen closet. I cleaned up my houseplants from a long winter.

I brought in more forsythia branches in the living room and they bloomed beautifully along with the Easter Tree for some much needed color. The bright yellow goes so beautifully with the wallpaper.

Now that I have a taste for reorganizing, I’m ready to hit up my closet. Swap the winter gear for spring and summer clothes. Put the wool sweaters into cedar.  Box up the boots in favor of ballet flats and strappy sandals...

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