May 23, 2014

Happy Holiday Weekend!

Happy Holiday Weekend! These are not the pictures I had planned to use today, but I think everything better with rainbows. Yesterday was a gloomy gray day, today is another gloomy gray day, but last night we had a crazy thunderstorm and afterwards the sun came out for a few minutes with  a big rainbow in the sky. I love things like this. Life needs more rainbows.

I have been feeling the pressure recently to hurry up and finish with both the toy kitchen set and the flower beds in our backyard. I need to get the kitchen set done by mid-June for Oliver's birthday, and that's really the priority, but every time I am in the backyard I feel this magnetic pull to everything unfinished in the perennial garden. The beds that need to be widened to accommodate the more mature (and therefore larger) plants, the weeding and mulching that desperately need to be done. And this isn't even counting the goal of rearranging the plants to be more visually appealing - this is just maintenance. Everything I haven't touched yet is messy, full of big aggressive weeds and encroaching grass.

This long weekend (which will hopefully start at noon today for me) will be a feat of strength and agility if I can somehow juggle our family calendar with all of the work I have planned for the kitchen set. It would be a busy weekend on its own with all the fun things we have planned, but of course I have no sense of how few hours there are in a day. Not only do I have big plans for the toy kitchen set, I'm also holding out hope I might have a few minutes to make more progress in the garden. And with all the rain we've been having poor Mike is probably going to have to mow the lawn twice to keep up with it. The secret is making good use of toddler nap time and bedtime when we have to be home anyway.

We'll be back on Tuesday, hopefully full of good project progress updates. Have a great long weekend, may yours also be full of rainbows.

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