Jun 18, 2014

Kid's Rocking Chair

This rocking chair was mine when I was little. It lived in my parent’s very damp basement for many years and suffered quite a bit of mildew damage on the finish. Apologies for the dark basement shots but I don't think bright sunlight would do it any favors.

Oliver has been really into rocking chairs lately, so I’m very excited to refinish this for him to use. Originally I was hoping to have both the chair and the kitchen set done for his birthday, but when we realized that was impossible with our schedules, I focused on the kitchen. Now I'm excited to start this chair this weekend, plus a few other small painting and staining projects. I want to repaint the seat, back and arms white and then do the legs in a fun color, like a bright orangey-yellow. I don't think the chair pad is salvageable, but I think it will look better without anyways.

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