Jun 19, 2014

New Woodland Print

Oliver got this really cool card for his birthday with woodland critters on it. He loves it and enjoys naming the animals - bear, owl, fox, bunny (he thinks the badger is a bear; I find that really endearing). I love the card too and it totally goes with his nursery theme - so of course I put it in a frame and put it up on the wall. It didn't quite fit in a 4x6 frame, so I used the back of the card as a strip on the bottom and it worked out perfectly.

It didn't look quite right by itself, so I put another picture frame below the family tree bird to balance it out. Right now it's a pretty photo of some succulants I took, a placeholder until I can either find something prettier or decide I like it as is (I have to admit the succulants are growing on me...).

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